What’s in Box évidence?

2 soins chaques mois dans votre box beauté bio

évidence beauty

2 organic cares that match your beauty profile

For each edition of our beauty box, we select 2 cares of season, body, face or hair, adapted to your type of skin and your hair, to offer you a true beauty routine. That’s all our difference! No waste. Concretely: a face moisturizer to test this month? During the next 2, you will receive other types of care: body, slimming, night …

1 maquillage tous les mois dans votre box beauté bio

évidence make-up

1 organic makeup

We love natural girls, but no way of doing without make-up! Discover a different makeup product every month in your beauty box évidence. Lipstick, liner … Long live to  organic make-up!

Retrouver tous les mois une gourmandise dans votre box bio évidence

évidence sweetness

1 sweetness, exclusively organic and delightful

Organic product can also be eaten! Unctuous biscuits, flowered drinks, tea, small crunchy, exotic flavors … As for cosmetics, we test and validate the delicacies that enhance your organic box.

All of them in full size or travel format, in a nice box illustrated according to the seasons.

But also, little touches of fashion, lifestyle & co, slipped here and there in your naturally organic beauty box.  Surprise effect guaranteed.

Why choose Box évidence ?

Quality products, certified organic exclusively,

Original and innovative brands,

Different kind of products in order to help you build and perfect beauty routine and limit waste,

Care adapted to your beauty profile,

The ability to choose the color of your make-up,

Subscription advantage thanks to a referral program

Why choose organic cosmetics ?

First of all, every cosmetics into Box évidence are certified organic. That is to say that the ingredients are of natural origin, resulting from organic farming.

In 5 points, the products of Box évidence are:

  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% natural products
  • Composed of vegetable oils only (stop oil-based oils)
  • Preservative, silicone, paraben and other endocrine disrupting substances
  • Healthy and safe, for the good of your body and our planet!
Box évidence, la Box beauté naturellement bio

How to enjoy Box évidence ?

Je m'abonne à Box évidence
1- Subscribe on our Website
Je reçois ma box beauté bio dans ma boite à lettre
2- Receive your Box évidence in your mail box
Je découvre les surprises contenus dans ma box beauté évidence
3- Discover your products and enjoy the sweetness

And share your experience on socials medias

Why an Organic Beauty Box?/strong>

and why it’s called “Box évidence” …

The idea of developing an organic beauty box has come in my mind following the many polemics affecting the conventional cosmetics. I made, at first, a personal choice for my children and myself: use only organic and natural cosmetics.

Thanks to my discoveries in this world of organic beauty, my desire to make known to the greatest number the benefits of these products and brands, has been revealed.

For me, a beauty box can only be ORGANIC … it is obvious.

Stéphanie, Founder

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