About us


Stéphanie, young mother of two children, sporty and dynamic, I currently live in Annecy in the French Alps after spending many years in Marseille.

In love with my  half, Roman, we are together passionate about travel. We had the chance to discover unusual, and wonderful places.

We take inspiration from our travels to create a soothing atmosphere in our way of life and especially to open the minds of our children.

We love to visit very different places in France and abroad, to discover customs and to taste all the culinary specialties.

I take advantage of each trip to discover and test different cosmetics. I was able to enlarge my knowledge of the various rituals of beauty such as the American manicure, the layering of the Japanese, the Russian Banya, Ayurvedic make-up of the Indians or the whitening products of the Chinese.

My passions: cosmetics, naturopathy, travel, running …