Ayurveda and organic cosmetics

What’s Ayurvéda ?

Ayurveda, meaning Science of Life in Sanskrit, is the traditional Indian medicine which principle is to establish a balance between body, spirit and nature. The disorders that affect mankind come from the rupture of this natural balance. Ayurveda is a holistic medicine, meaning that it considers mankind as part of a greater invisible whole. Each human being is dominated by a Desha which influences the working of the whole body and spirit. There exists 3 Deshas corresponding to physical characteristics and psyche characteristics predefined which allow to settle a proper diet and a proper lifestyle.


What does Ayurvedic cosmetic offers?

In Cosmetic, Ayurveda define what we could call standards of beauties allowing to establish a “beauty prescription” adapted to each Desha. You can by the way find in that classification more or less the same types of skins than in occidental cosmetic. Are you Vâta, Pitta or Kapha? Or is it a mix of one of these Deshas?

Here are some elements to help you find out:

DeshaElementCarnationType of skin Recurring issues Type of hair





Early frowns










Enlarged pores











Enlarged pores

Black spots

Deep frowns





With what ingredients are Ayurvedic cosmetics made?

Ayurvedic cosmetics are made out of natural products, plants extract, oils, essential oils, minerals, spices, etc. All these natural elements complete each other in order to establish vital balances which maintain the skin, the hair, and the nails in good shape. One of the principles of Ayurveda is to only put on you skin product that you could eat. It is a simple idea that could nevertheless be made out of a wisdom and so evident that you actually wonder how it could, at this level, be forgotten by conventional, occidental cosmetic.


Ayurvedic cosmetic, a piece of a whole lifestyle

Ayurvedic Cosmetic is part of a lifestyle where diet as well as maintaining a healthy attitude allow its adepts to remain in shape. “Beauty comes from within”, you probably have already heard that proverb, a publicist catchphrase widely used to sell all kind of products. Ayurvedic cosmetic tuned this into its main principle. Beauty is part of a whole that goes way beyond the use of products supposed to achieve miracles. This one should prove itself to be completely ineffective if you mistreat your body with junk food and a poor lifestyle. Ayurvedic pull back from time a few notions that might be forgotten and that you discover again thanks to revelations on the level of toxicity of conventional cosmetics.


What is the place of Ayurveda in organic cosmetic?

When you are interested in organic cosmetic, you happen to be quickly attracted by Ayurvedic cosmetic as a lot of common things and Ayurveda is one of the inspiration of organic cosmetic. It is a way to have ancient knowledges and innovation of cosmetology in order to adapt it to an occidental lifestyle. Organic cosmetics are in some way modern Ayurvedic cosmetics.


What is the difference between an Ayurvedic cosmetic, an organic cosmetic and a natural cosmetic?

An Ayurvedic cosmetic enter the category of natural cosmetic, meaning that it is exclusively made out of natural ingredients and without any use of synthetic ingredients. But those characteristics don’t make it an organic cosmetic. As an example, it is impossible to verify if the plant used to realize an Ayurvedic cosmetic was cultivated without any pesticides and chemicals. We have no information on the production line and or how raw materials were extracted in order to produce it. To put it in a nutshell, any organic cosmetic is natural, but any natural cosmetic, and so Ayurvedic, aren’t necessarily organic.


What does an organic label bring to an Ayurvedic product?

Only organic labels guarantee the safety of a cosmetic and Ayurvedic organic cosmetic bring the same guarantees than any other organic products. It is the only insurance of its perfect safety at any steps of its production. When you buy an Ayurvedic cosmetic, think about looking for an organic label, for there isn’t any better guarantee to take care of your beauty.