Beauty secrets from the Land of the Rising Sun

The delicate lines and their porcelain skin tones turns a lot of European girls jealous. In japan, the ideal of beauty ask for a smooth and plumpy skin and Japanese women have their secrets to achieve these beauty standards. One of their weapons is the art of Saho or the so called layering.

What is the principle of layering?

The layering consists in a twice a day ritual in  7 steps where each have its importance and prepare or complete the next one. It takes time but there lies the main interest of that practice, a little daily rendezvous at a slow pace, that you offer to yourself twice a day. That very simple idea gained widespread acceptance among women out of Asia.

Here is the process of a classic layering in 7 steps.

1. Makeup removal with an organic vegoil: a few drops applied on the skin, followed by a massage with fingers in order to remove and dissolve the makeup around the eyes.

2. Cleaning with some watery product (liquid soap, dermatologic bread, etc.), this allow the removal of any residue of oil without any aggression of the skin.

3. Application of a lotion (like Hydrolith, thermal water, etc.), by this way you can remove the other residues of limestones left by water, the application can be done with a cotton or a vaporizer.

4.  Application of a serum depending on your type of skin, with a higher concentration in actives than a cream, the serum will work quickly and deeply to achieve its goal.

5. Application of eyes contours, fitted for this fragile area, the care is applied on the lower part of the contour with little patting. This remove the signs of fatigue of your look and protect from ageing.

6. Application of a day cream or a night cream fitting your needs.

7. Application of lip balm: moisturizes and protects lips from external aggressions.

This takes a little more time than traditional cares, let’s say 10 minutes a day, but this also remove some habits inherited from adolescence. This left some BB-cream users who can find in these products an answer of the ever faster with ever better performances. Time is always on the run to us and if the secret of happiness lied in the faculty to reclaim that time.


Why is layering and organic cosmetics making a nice duo?

Layering fit well the ideology of well-being and well-buying developed by organic cosmetic as it gives a much bigger room to the quality of the products used and to the respect of their users. It is by the way quite interesting to notice that the users of organic cosmetics are quickly seduced by the virtues of layering, this is maybe because they don’t see it as a loss of time but instead as a way to get back the control of that time and to enjoy it at its full potential.


Is layering another argument to push people to spend more?

The enemies of this methodology usually tell that layering is another trap to have users to buy more products than what they actually need. This is forgetting that layering works perfectly fine with simple products already situated in the bathroom and that only a few other products would be needed to complete the layering. It is to the users to adapt layering to their lifestyle and their budget. In the seeking of a quality of life, another relation to the clock and to the surrounding world…