Frequently Asked Questions

My subscription:

How long does it take to get my first box? Which box will I receive? When will my credit card be charged?

I subscribe between the 1st and 4th:

My first box will be the one of the current month, I’ll receive it before the 20th day of the same month and I am withdrawn from my bank account the day of my registration.

Example: I subscribe to a monthly subscription on September 2nd, I’m withdrawn on September

2nd and I’ll receive the box of September, around September 15th.

I subscribe between the 5th and 25th and the box of the month is available:

My first box will be the one of the current month, I’ll receive it 8 days after my registration and I am withdrawn from my bank account the day of my registration.

Example: I subscribe to a monthly subscription on September 12th, I am withdrawn on September 12th and I’ll receive the box of September, around September 20th. Then I’ll be withdrawn on October 01st, and I’ll receive the box of October around October 15th, and so on …

I subscribe between 5th and 28th but the box of the month is sold out:

Patience, my first box will be the one of the next month, I’ll receive it before the 20th of the next month and I’ll be withdrawn from my bank account the first of the next month.

Example: I subscribe to a monthly subscription on September 19th, but the box of the month is out of stock. I won’t receive the box of September, but I will automatically be withdrawn on October 01st and will receive the box of October around October 15th.

I subscribe between the 28th and 31th:

My first box will be the one of the next month, I’ll receive it before the 15th of the next month and I’ll be withdrawn the first day of the next month.

Example: I subscribe to a monthly subscription on September 27th, I am debited on October 1st and I’ll receive the box of October, around October 15th.

Is it possible to receive the previous boxes?

Our previous boxes are sold in our shop, if not sold out.

Shall I receive my next box automatically?

Yes, you don’t need to reorder a box every month: the subscription is automatically renewed, and that until you decide to stop your subscription.

I want to discover a single box, just for one month, how should I do it?

If you want to receive a single box, you must subscribe to the monthly subscription, but you have to cancel this same subscription after being debited. The termination is very simple and quickly made : you just need to click on « Cancel »!! Then, you’ll receive the box of the current month (if this one is available), otherwise the box of the next month.

Do you have an annual subscription?

No, we don’t have annual subscription, but you can naturally renew your « 6 months »

subscription several times or subscribe to the indefinite subscription.

How long does the subscription ?

Two kinds of subscription are proposed:

– The subscription without commitment, with unspecified time: you receive automatically a box every month. You can stop the subscription at any time, from your online account. The payment is made by standing order (direct debit) at the beginning of every month.

– The subscription with commitment, for specified time (fixed-term subscription): you’ll receive one box a month, during 3 or 6 months. By choosing this formula, you agree on a predefined time and benefit, in return, from a discount. The payment is made in one step, during the subscription.

My fixed-term subscription is ended. What happens next?

Once your fixed-term subscription is finished, you won’t receive boxes anymore. An email will warn you about the end of your subscription. Don’t hesitate to sign again a new subscription, in Jorder to receive more and more surprises !


I want to offer a subscription, but I do not know the address of the recipient.

No problem, offer a gift card to our beauty box.
You will receive the gift card by email and will be able to print it to give it to the recipient, or simply send it by email. The lucky will fill her address and her beauty profile when activating the gift card on our site.

I want to offer a subscription and receive only the first box at home. Is it possible?

It is possible, two options are available :

Option 1: Subscribe in your name. Once the first box is received, change the delivery address in your account. The following boxes will be shipped directly to the lucky one. The disadvantage of this option is that the recipient of the subscription will not be able to fill her beauty profile or choose the color of these makeups.

Option 2: Go for two products: a “gift card” and “offer the box of the month”. The box of the month will be delivered to you. You will be able to print the gift card and give it to you by hand. The gift card will allow him to inform his address and profile beauty when activating her subscription.

I want to offer a subscription, will the recipient be able to fill in her beauty profile and choose the color of her makeup?

It is possible with the gift card. The recipient can fill out their beauty profile in their account, on our site, after activating their gift card. She will also receive each month an email offering her to choose the color of the makeup of the next box.

My account

How to modify my password?

From your space « My Account », column « My Information », you just need to click on “Change my password “.

I forgot my password!

From your space « My account », complete the available form made for that purpose. You’ll receive an e-mail allowing you to reset your password. Don’t forget to verify your unwanted mails or your spams because sometimes, this e-mail skips there!

I can’t log to my account, how should I do?

Did you try all your e-mail addresses? You can also checking your spams box…otherwise contact us.

My payments

When are executed the standing orders?

– For the monthly subscription (without commitment), the standing order is made between the 1st and the 5th of every month.

– For the fixed-term subscriptions (with commitment), the total amount of the subscription is debited the day of the registration.

What are the means of payment?

– Bank card: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

How to modify my account ID?

Log to your space « My Account », column « My Commands » and click on ” Modify my account ID ” to inform your new card number.

Where to find my invoices?

All your invoices are available in your space « My Account », column « My Commands ». You’ll find the invoices corresponding to each of your boxes by clicking « Invoice of the month ».

I received an e-mail indicating me that the standing order for my subscription was refused. What should I do?

This e-mail means that we were not able to record the payment of your subscription. You’ve maybe changed your credit card recently? Or simpler, your banker doesn’t appreciate your financial choices ? To resolve this problem, you have to modify or enter again your account ID in the space « My Account », column « My subscriptions », by clicking ” Modify my account ID “. Your standing order will be executed a bit later during the month, that’s why you’ll probably receive your box a bit later too.

My credit card just expired, I did not take time to modify my account ID and I’m unfortunately unsubscribed. What should I do?

You just need to re-subscribe you by informing your new account ID.

My Deliveries

When will I receive my box?

Your first box should arrive home 10 days after your registration. The following months, your box is delivered before the 20th of every month.

How can I track my box ?

We track your package and contact you if a problem occurs or because of the delay. Nevertheless, if you did not receive your box the 20th of the month, don’t hesitate to write us !

I did not receive my box, what should I do?

Later than the 20th of the month, you should verify if your box is not at the Post Office or if it wasn’t deliver at your neighbors’ house!! If your box remains untraceable, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you to find it.

I was not able to get back my box in time at The Post Office, how to get back it?

The deadline at the Post Office is about 10 days. Once exceeded, your box will automatically be returned to us. In this case, contact us in order to send you again your box.

How can I modify my delivery address?

You can change your address and phone number in the space « My Account », by clicking on “Modify”, under your delivery address. Be careful, make your modifications before the last day of the month so that it’s recorded for the following month…

Deliver you outside France?

If you wish to order from foreign countries, there’s no problem!

 For box

The prices vary from a country to another. To know the price of your subscription, watch the pages called “subscribe” or ” offer it “, select your country at the bottom of the page. If you don’t find your country, select “Other countries “.

For Shop

The shipping fees depend on the country, on the size and on the weight of your package. By writing your delivery address in the « Basket », you can visualize the shipping fees. Have a good Jshopping !

I’m going on holidays this summer. How to get back my box ?

If you plan to go out for a long time, we advise you to modify your delivery address (link towards *How can I modify my delivery address?) to receive your box at your « summer » address:

– If you’re leaving in July: modify your address before June the 30th

– If you’re leaving in August: modify your address before July the 31st

Don’t forget to change again your delivery address after your holidays !

If you’re missing during the delivery, your box will be put down to the closest Post Office from your home. Your box will be available about (during) 10 days at this Post Office.

My “Box-évidence”

What will I find in my box ?

You’ll find 3 exclusively organic cosmetics adapted to your beauty profile, with different sizes : the normal one or the travel one. They’re along with sweety surprises, like chocolate or tea… but keep it for you…it’s a secret !

What are the partner brands?

Our partner brands are carefully selected and the product lines are certified bio. Discover them on our page « The Brands ».

Is it possible to choose the products in my box ?

Especially not! The concept of this box is to surprise you, every month, by making you discover new products.

I have a crush on a product received in my box, where could I buy it?

You’ll find all the products of your box in our e-shop.

My “Box évidence” arrives in poor condition (damaged or with missing product etc.). What should I do?

We do our best so that your box travels in good conditions and arrives in great shape ! Nevertheless, if your box suffered during the journey and arrives damaged, write us during the 7 days following the delivery of your box : thanks for adding a photo (an evidence wich justify your return) : we should find together a solution.