Good reasons to choose organic cosmetics

There are plenty of reasons to prefer Organic cosmetics. Individuals who already use these know it and wouldn’t use others for the world and those who aren’t using them aren’t aware of all the positive they could draw out of it. Beauty begins with healthiness and what’s more logic to use sane products?

The only cosmetics able to answer this expectation are biological cosmetics. Here’s why.

Organic cosmetics undergo strict controls and tests

The tests which organic cosmetics are undergoing are a guarantee of quality, we can from there use these with the certitude that they aren’t in any way harmful to health. Achieving a bio label submit cosmetics to an unwavering traceability of their ingredients. Strict controls are realized at every step of the production from agricultural goods to the packaged goods. Any cosmetic can’t be organic, the casting is severe and selective, one does not tolerate the slightest default. To gain your place on the bio-shelf, you have to be blameless. We can choose organic cosmetics without any fear for Bio labels guarantee their perfect harmlessness.


Organic cosmetics don’t rely on toxic substances and chemicals

Conventional cosmetics contain numerous toxic substances which keep entering their composition despite the warnings of specialists. Phenoxyethanol, GMO, parabens, silicons, colorants, synthetic perfumes, etc. This is a quite long enumeration of chemicals whose effects, on either short and long term, on the health of those who use these everyday can be scary. If these chemicals are still employed are still employed, this is because these are easy to produce and cheap which allow those who use them to offer low hand products with attractive prices. In a sector where competition is hotter than hell, it is a way for makers to pull their pins from the play. The stakes are purely economics. You can find more information in our article about Dangerous chemicals in conventional cosmetics.


Organic cosmetics don’t rely on harmful to the environment substances in their raw materials

The raw materials used in the production of cosmetics can be harmful to the environment while not being necessarily dangerous for the health of consumers. But thinking that it is a lesser evil is short sighted, because the chemicals which aren’t biodegradable eventually end up having an impact on human health. These can pollute clean water or being end up in the food of animals that are eaten by people. One day or another we will have to face the consequences which are always unexpected and consequently difficult to cope with. Being sure that these substances are actually biodegradable, is also making sure that his own safety is ensured and only the cosmetics that bear a organic label can answer this demand.


Organic cosmetics are efficient.

For a long time, we considered chemicals composing conventional cosmetics were a guarantee of efficiency. Chemistry was then considered as a source of progress which relocated traditional practices to the level of obscures ways from the dark ages. Organic cosmetics aren’t opposed to the principle of chemistry, but rely on soft chemic processes in order to transform raw materials, it doesn’t harm the environment nor the health of individuals. The progresses achieved through green chemistry also offer a promising alternative to traditional chemistry which enter the field of research in Organic cosmetics. Furthermore, the goods labeled organic are highly concentrated in actives, up to 20 times more than conventional products. Indeed, these contains firstly additives, synthetic perfumes, colorants and eventually actives, meanwhile organic cosmetics, free from toxic unnecessities, focuses on the essentials… actives; which ring like an evidence.


Organic cosmetics are enjoyable to use

Foamy textures, delicacy, lightness, evocative fragrances, organic cosmetics are from now on as much enjoyable to use as conventional cosmetics. Made out of noble raw materials (Jojoba oil, argon, shea butter, etc.) substances that are soft and non-irritant. These products bring back old fashioned natural products which we had forgotten. Why would we deprive ourselves from these gifts offered by nature? Further than the purely cosmetic side of the organic products, they open the doors of a forgotten world made of pleasing textures and enjoyable perfumes. It only takes one flask of a organic cosmetic to realize how its perfume evokes the plant which it is made of and which we kept in memory. What’s more normal for this perfume is acquired from an essential oil which is natural or a hydrolith and consequently not a synthetic product. The same test is realized with a conventional product mostly offers bad surprises, for the smells which it produces evoke a chemical substitute, a pale imitation of the smell produced by the plant supposed to be found in it.


Organic cosmetics are savvy to use

The prices of organic cosmetics are often higher than the price of conventional cosmetics for the ingredients used to produce these are of a better quality and consequently cost more to produce. The pulp of Baobab bears the same cosmetics effects than silicons employed in hair dressers but without their disastrous ecological impact, but it is more expensive. You pay for quality and the consumers of organic goods knows it quite well for they often used to be users of mass consumption products before they discovered that another path is possible. Buying good products instead of just filling his cart of bad quality goods with worrying side effects. The “ever more” era looks like it came to an end, the XXIst century’s consumer enter an era of “always better” instead and the organic cosmetic is one of the element of that change.


“Trendy” products answering a trendy tendency

Organic cosmetics are trendy, but are way more than just a trend as they include in a durable path and are part of a way of life accounting nature and humanity as a whole. These natural products take care of beauty as much as the health of its users. Who would still resist such an offer?


There actually are only advantages to use organic cosmetics, why won’t you begin today?

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