How to put on makeup in summertime?

Summer is great ☼, but not so great for your makeup! You shouldn’t exaggerate, and the watchwords are: stay natural! Whether you’re going to the beach or you’re going swimming, when you’re putting on makeup in summertime, you need to keep in mind some tricks in order to get the perfect look, even in full sun.

A particular makeup for summer

When it’s hot, our skin tends to sweat and shine, causing the effect that every woman (or most of them) dreads: runny makeup, which lasts for a very small period of time. Often, the most affected areas are the forehead, the nose and the chin. On those areas of your face, you should apply a layer of primer that is thick enough.

At high temperatures, even the very best makeup cannot last the whole day. But you could stack all the odds in your favor by using customized makeup products. Summer also requires a particular attention to your eye makeup: runny mascara, shadows around the eyes; these could also become problems at the beach.


What makeup should you choose for summer?

For the beach

In summertime, it’s better to use a fresh makeup. There’s nothing better than sweet colors and a natural style for the beach.

Use low-fat beauty products and choose an oil-free or a powder-based primer. If you want to help your makeup last longer, keep your primer and your moisturizer in the fridge for about 15 minutes before applying them.

In order to have a makeup that can stand up to high temperatures, you should use a translucent powder after having applied your primer.

If you want to limit the sweating of your skin, you can eliminate some of the shine by gently tapping it with a tissue or by refreshing it with thermal water. Above all, don’t forget to always apply sunscreen in order to protect your skin and avoid painful sunburns. Finally, think about your hairdo in order to enhance your summer makeup! Choose a ponytail or braids that will highlight your look.

En soirée

At night time everything changes, and you can take a risk with a touch of eyeliner and with some dark eye shadows in order to get a more profound look. Be careful not to exaggerate and avoid having that panda look at the end of the evening.

And because you should drink many liquids in order to keep your body hydrated, your beautiful lipstick might not last for long. Therefore, before putting on your lipstick, you should use a fine layer of lip balm.

Do you prefer wearing no makeup?!

After all this advice, the best is yet to come

Why shouldn’t we go out without makeup? During the holidays, we should take advantage of that. Our skin breathes and it’s a good thing…

So, should we try it?