Please, don’t leave me!

Summer is still here, but it’s time to go back to work, so no more beaches and deckchairs!

The return from holidays also brings the fear of losing your beautiful tan, after you’ve spent so much time to get it this summer. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by deception and despair. Follow these pieces of advice in order to extend and retain your tan all year long…or almost!

Forget about tanning beds! Rely on natural things in order to keep your tan, with these few pieces of advice.

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Avoid over exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating is great, but you shouldn’t exaggerate with it!

Regular exfoliation is one of the best ways to keep your skin soft, regenerated, radiant and tonic. But exfoliation is not actually ideal for keeping your tan. By “polishing” your skin with a scrub, you will remove the color you’ve gained during summer. It’s better to limit body exfoliation to once a week.


Take cold showers

Yes, yes, COLD! Hot baths tend to soften the skin and make it peel. On the opposite, very cold showers will help you clear your pores, without affecting the tan of your skin.


Use moisturizing cream

Apply a moisturizer enriched with vitamin E on your body, one time during the day and in the evening, before going to bed. Ideally, apply it directly after taking a shower to ease its absorption. The moisturizer will not only allow you to keep your skin soft, but it will also protect it through a natural moisturizing barrier. The lack of humidity makes your skin dull and dehydrated. Follow this advice and you will have a beautiful skin and a highlighted tan.


Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat food that contains a lot of water, minerals and vitamins. This will make a contribution to having a glowing, tanned skin. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamin E, zinc, and vitamin C, elements that make their contribution to maintaining a soft young skin and help you avoid dehydration. You should better choose dry and fresh apricots, carrots, broccoli, spinach, pink grapefruit, sweet potato, parsley, tomato, pumpkin and red pepper. What a treat!

Come on…try all of these things and your tan will last for the longest period of time possible. And when it goes away, all you need to do is think about your last holidays and smile 🙂